Mercury Safe Education Add-Ons

This page introduces you to my New Service solely for Mercury Safe Dentists - Mercury Safe Education Add-Ons (MSEA). The Education Add-On is uniquely designed to seamlessly educate those searching for a Mercury Safe Dentist about your Philosophy, Approach, and Commitment to Mercury Safe, Holistic Dentistry. The purpose of an Education Add-On is to provide answers, on your own website, to the questions prospective patients have before choosing a dentist to safely remove their mercury amalgam fillings.

Having a Mercury Safe Dental Practice is the 'new' growth area in dentistry and competition for patients looking for a Mercury Safe Dentist is more intense than ever. The information contained in a Mercury Safe Education Add-On is essential to making sure that you separate your practice from dentists who are only Mercury Free. By 'Standing Out from the Competition' - you can ensure that patients choose you as their dentist. Ultimately the goal of the Education Add-Ons is to generate new patients and increase revenues!

How to Evaluate an Education Add-On

Words alone can't accurately describe what an Education Add-On looks like and how it functions - but "a picture is truly worth a 1000 words." The first step is to see just what an Add-On looks like and how it functions on a Mercury Safe Dentist’s website. Once you’ve done that, and finished the Four Step Evaluation, continue reading the rest of the material on this page.

Step One – View an Education Add-On

Click Here to access the Mercury Safe Dentist's website. Once there, Click on 'Mercury Safe Dentistry' in the Top Row Menu, or on the 'Hg logo', to take you to the Add-On Homepage and its Table of Contents. (The dentist shown here selected the Platinum Add-On.)

Step Two – Learn the Benefits of an Education Add-On

Click Here for a Snapshot of the many benefits of adding a Mercury Safe Education Add-On to your website. Reviewing the benefits is key to understanding just how valuable it is for your practice.

Step Three – Choose Your Add-On

Now that you’ve seen the Education Add-On, and the many benefits it offers, the third step is to select which Education Add-On you want to add to your website. There are 3 Add-Ons to choose from, Silver/Gold/Platinum. All 3 function the same, varying only in the amount of information provided. Click Here to view Visual Demonstrations of the 3 Add-Ons and compare the articles found in each one’s Table of Contents. (Once you have viewed the demonstrations, I suggest you compare the content to what you have (or most likely don’t have) on your website. That alone should convince you to link an Add-On to your website. )

Step Four – Purchase Your Add-On

Purchasing your Education Add-On is easy. Once you accesss the Order Form you can select the Add-On you want to purchase. You need to fill out completely fill out the Order Form, including adding the name and email address of your webmaster, which our Tech Team needs to link your chosen Add-On to your website. Once you’ve filled out the Order Form Click on Continue to the Secure Shopping Cart and pay by credit card. Click Here to access the Order Form. (All Add-Ons are a one time cost with a $75 annual maintenance fee.)

Additional Benefits – A Must Read

Please be sure to review the Top Row Menus: Internet Directory, Discounts, and Free Products. The Internet Directory page is very important as it explains how you can get a 50% discount on a Listing on my Mercury Safe Dentist Internet Directory for the first year when you purchase an Add-On. A Directory Listing works hand in glove with a Mercury Safe Education Add-On. The Listing gives you a #1 Ranking on the 1st page of Google and brings more potential patients to your website. Once they find your website, the Education Add-On convinces patients looking for a Mercury Safe Dentist to choose you. 

Another benefit we offer is a Tracking Program that is included with the purchase of an Add-On. We annually provide you with how many people Clicked on the Add-On link, along with tracking what other pages they visited. There is no doubt that putting an Add-On on your Website adds significant value to it and to your practice.

Other Valuable Information

Our tech team has developed a proprietary way to connect the Education Add-On you select to your website with minimal time and effort on your part. (It is important to note that the Add-On you purchase will have the same look, feel, and function as your own website, guaranteeing the person interested in learning more about you has ready access to this information - all from one location!) Another unique aspect of the Add-Ons is the option of Customizing your chosen Add-On. Click Here to view the Custom Options. 

Need More Detailed Information?

The Top Row Menu Ribbon explains, in detail, everything you need to know about the Mercury Safe Education Add-Ons and how valuable an Add-On is for ensuring prospective patients will choose you as their dentist. If you are looking for more proof as to why an Education Add-On is beneficial to your practice I invite you to start with What they are designed to do; Why they are so important for generating new patients; and How we make it happen. You can then look through the other menus as desired.

Dr. Tom McGuire is a leading authority on mercury safe dentistry, amalgam fillings, mercury detoxification, and holistic oral health.