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Dr. Tom McGuire is recognized as a leading authority on Mercury Safe Dentistry, Mercury Detoxification, Amalgam Fillings, and Holistic Dental Wellness. Dr. Tom has been a Mercury Safe and Mercury Free, holistic dentist for over 40 years and is an educator, innovator and leader in these fields. He has spent the last 25 years researching mercury amalgam fillings and studying their effects on overall health. His Website has over 200 pages of information, for patients and dental offices. Click Here to visit his extensive and popular website.

Dr.McGuire has the largest and most comprehensive Mercury Safe Dentist Internet Directory. The Directory guarantees a #1 Ranking on the 1st Page of Google and a Listing is like having a 2nd Website for the Mercury Safe Segment of your practice. Click Here to go to his Mercury Safe Dentist Directory Homepage.

He is the author of 3 Best-Selling books:

The Poison in Your Teeth - Mercury Amalgam (Silver) Fillings - Hazardous to Your Health

Mercury Detoxification - The Natural Way to Remove Mercury from Your Body

Healthy Teeth - Healthy Body - How to Improve Your Oral & Overall Health

He founded New Directions Dentistry and produced the only DVD Course available today that teaches dentists how to make their offices occupationally mercury safe. He also produced the exceptional YouTube Video, 'The Poison in Your Teeth'

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Our technical staff includes experts in the field of website building, database development, and search engine optimization. When you order the Mercury Safe Education Add-On this team will be the ones who put everything together and the ones who will instruct your webmaster to add the Eduction Add-On to your website. For more information about how we make this happen, Click Here.


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