What You Need to Do - Very Little!

As you now know, there is very little you, or your web person, needs to do to add the Mercury Safe Education Add-On to your own website. It only takes a few minutes to purchase your Education Add-On and less than 15 minutes for your web person to place a link  on your website's Homepage. It's as simple as that!

Maximize the Mercury Safe Education Add-On's Effectiveness

But to maximize your Education Add-On's effectiveness, it is critically important that you place the Mercury Safe Dentistry Menu and Hg Logo in a prominent place on your Website’s Homepage. Doing so is Essential, as potential patients in the process of deciding who they will choose for a Mercury Safe Dentist want the information to be easily found – they don’t want to have to spend time searching for that information on your website. Far too many Mercury Safe Dentists either don’t have this information on their website, or what they do have is buried deep within its pages. It won't do you much good if you want to Stand-Out-From-the-Competition if the information needed to do that, isn't there, or isn't easy to find!

What to Prominently Display on Your Website's Homepage

To save you time and to make it easy for everyone, our tech people can provide your web master with the Image and source code so all he/she has to do is copy/paste it to a Prominent place on your Homepage. Please don't let your webmaster make the decision about where to place it. He, or she, will not know the importance of where it is placed.     

Suggested Text and Image to Add to Your Homepage (You can see what this looks like on each of the 3 Demonstration Homepages.) 

Mercury Safe Dentistry
Looking for a Mercury Safe Dentist? Click Here to learn more about our Philosophy and Approach to Mercury Safe Dentistry.


That is it! Now you know just how simple it is to put the Mercury Safe Education Add-On on your website. 

Preview the 3 Mercury Safe Education Add-On Demonstrations

You've already learned how valuable a Mercury Safe Education Add-On is for your practice. Now it is time to see just what an Education Add-On looks like and how it functions. In this case a Visual Demonstration is definitely worth a whole lot of words. 

When you purchase the Education Add-On it will have the same look, feel, and function, as your own website. You can maneuver through the articles on the Add-On Homepage's Table of Contents just as a patient would. The same content shown on the Table of Contents of that particular Option is exactly what will be on your own website. So, when you Preview an Add-On Option, it is best to look at it as if you were looking at your own website.

To see how the Add-On looks and functions Click on an Image 

Below are a 3 websites from dentists who signed up for a Mercury Safe Education Add-On. You can access their Homepages by Clicking on the Website Image. Once there Click on the menu ‘Mercury Safe Dentistry’ to access the Education Add-On Homepage. (You can also directly access each dentist’s Add-On Homepage by Clicking on the Link below the image.

Drs. Berkowitz and Braun
Dr. Sheri Salartash
Dr. Gregory Tarantola

Add-On Fee: The first year is $995 - this includes the customizing and personalizing the Educataion Add-On to your Website. Each additional year is $500. (If you are now listed on Dr. Tom's Mercury Safe Directory you'll receive a $100 discount on the 1st year Add-On fee.)

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More Important Mercury Safe Education Add-On Information

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