Discounts Offered with the Purchase of the Mercury Safe Education Add-On 

Discounted: A Listing on Dr. Tom McGuire's Mercury Safe Dentist Internet Directory (50% Discount)

You've learned how important a Mercury Safe Education Add-On can be for your practice. Putting an Add-On on your website is very valuable to your practice in a number of ways. It ensures more people finding your website choose you as their dentist. It certainly saves you and your staff valuable time educating new and existing patients about your Philosophy. Commitment, and Approach to Mercury Safe Dentistry - away from the dental office. 

Those benefits alone makes this a great value - but the Education Add-On alone does not increase Patient Traffic to your website. A Directory Listing works hand in glove with a Mercury Safe Education Add-On. A Listing on Dr. Tom's Mercury Safe Dentist Internet Directory gives you a #1 Ranking on the 1st page of Google  and brings more potential patients to your website. Once they find your website, the Education Add-On convinces patients looking for a Mercury Safe Dentist to choose you. 

Bringing Patients to Your Website 

Today over 90% of those searching for a mercury safe dentist find them on the Internet. To access those patients you need a #1 Ranking on the 1st Page of Google for the Mercury Safe Segment of your practice. That is exactly what a Listing on Dr. Tom's Mercury Safe Dentist Internet Directory does for your practice.  That #1 Ranking increases Patient Traffic and draws new patients to your website.

Search Engine Exposure and Mercury Safe Patient Education - You Need Both!  

Once a prospective patient finds you, learns about your Philosophy, Commitment, and Approach to Mercury Safe Dentistry and, through your Education Add-On, and finds answers to their questions, there is little doubt that they will then choose you over the competition. Why? Because the fact that most Mercury Safe Dentists don't provide this information is what makes you 'Stand-Out-from-the-Competition'. Mercury Safe Patient Education and Search Engine Exposure go hand in hand so - for those purchasing an Education Add-On, I'm offering a 50% Discount on the First Year's Listing on my Directory. (Retail the cost is $450 - Discounted cost is $225.)

Click Here to learn more about the many features and benefits a Listing on Dr. Tom's Mercury Safe Dentist Internet Directory provides.

Note: If you already have a Listing on Dr. Tom's Mercury Safe Dentist Internet Directory and you purchase an Education Add-On you receive a $100 discount on the Add-On you choose. When you Click on Purchase an Add-On you are taken to the Order Form and then just select 'Already Listed' to receive your Discount.

To Order a Directory Listing with Your Add-On - Click Here to Access the Order Form - Please fill it out completely.

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