Why the Mercury Safe Education Add-On is So Valuable to Your Practice

There is no doubt that having a Mercury Safe Practice is the new growth area in dentistry. Competition for patients looking for a Mercury Safe Dentist is more intense than ever and you need to do everything you can to 'Stand-Out-From-the-Competition'.

Yet the vast majority of Mercury Safe Dentists' websites lack even the most basic information potential patients, looking for a Mercury Safe Dentist, need to aqccess before they choose a dentist to safely remove their mercury amalgam fillings. You cannot assume that just because your website says that you are Mercury Safe that that is enough for a potential patient to choose you.

As the expert in Marketing and Promoting a Mercury Safe Practice, I’ve determined that the primary reasons why Mercury Safe Dentists have not been successful in Educating their patients about Mercury Safe Dentistry is that they simply don't have the time to produce the necessary material. And, they haven't fully understood the potential patients need for this information. You may not have to convince someone to have their amalgams removed but you DO have to convince them that you are the one to remove them! That is why the Education Add-On is the best, most cost-effective, and time saving way to instantly:

  • Insure patients, looking for a mercury safe dentist, who find your website, will choose you as their dentist.
  • Save significant time by ncreasing your ability to Educate people searching for a Mercury Safe Dentist, and existing patients, about your Philosophy, Commitment and Approach to Mercury Safe Dentistry - away from the dental office!

It is essential to understand that potential patients want a readily available source of this information - a source that is easily found. I've been involved in educating patients about this subject for over 40 years and one thing has stood out - potential patients who are searching for a Mercury Safe Dentist want information about this subject that readily address the questions they have. This is especially true of those who find your website but still don't know anything about your Philosophy, Commitment, and Approach to Mercury Safe Dentistry.

What the Patient Searching for a Mercury Safe Dentist Wants

Prospective Patients want to easily find this information without taking the time to search through your website - if it is even there - and on most dental websites it isn’t. Those searching for a Mercury Safe Dentist tend to 'shop around' and when they are finished shopping you want to make sure you are the dentist they choose.

It is also essential to know that a patient looking for a Mercury Safe Dentist isn't yet concerned about the Treatments & Services you offer (that comes later) - only about whether or not they feel confident about your commitment and ability to safely remove their amalgam fillings. The Mercury Safe Education Add-On is also valuable for educating your existing patients, as there is information about these topics that you will want them to access. With the Education Add-On, all you have to do is refer them to the Mercury Safe Dentistry Menu on your Website's Homepage.

As you can see, your involvement in putting the Mercury Safe Education Add-On on your website can literally be accomplished in a matter of minutes. All the work is done for you. This means you and your staff not only save precious time but are now providing your prospective and existing patients with all the information you want them to have about the Mercury Safe Segment of your practice.

*******Note: The very best way to tell if your website has the necessary information about Mercury Safe Dentistry, that our Mercury Safe Education Add-On provides, is to first Preview the Education Add-On Demonstrations (see below) and compare the information in the Add-On (and how easy it is to access) to what is now on your website - and where it is located. You can readily see the difference and will appreciate the value of the Add-On and its unique ability to add new patients to your practice

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Benefits of Adding the Mercury Safe Education Add-On to Your Website

Competitive Edge - Competition for patients seeking a Mercury Safe Dentist is intense. The Education Add-On provides you with this edge.

Saves Time Educating Patients – Putting the Mercury Safe Education Add-On on your website allows you not only educate potential new patients, but also existing patients who have questions about issues related to mercury amalgam silver fillings as well. Directing them to the Education Add-On saves you and your staff valuable time by educating them away from the dental office. Time is Money!

Dedicated Page for the Education Add-On – Because the Add-On is located on a dedicated page of your own website, it centralizes the information about your Mercury Safe Practice – and the Table of Contents makes it easy for patients to find what they are looking for.

Personalized -  Your Education Add-On is personalized and includes your name in relevant articles.

Localized Source of Information - Provides patients with an immediate source of information about the most commonly asked questions patients want answered before selecting a Mercury Safe Dentist.

Patient Information Void – Almost all Mercury Safe Dentist's websites lack even the most basic information about this important segment of their practice. The Education Add-On fills that information void for you. To see what I mean you've only to compare what you have on your website to what is on the Education Add-On.

Content – The content of the Education Add-On is produced by Dr. Tom McGuire, a leading authority on this subject. This is important as there are some articles that are much more effective when coming from a highly creditable, third party source. Articles written by an 'expert' not only increases patient confidence but adds to your creditability.

Works Hand in Hand with a Directory Listing - Being Listed on my Mercury Safe Dentist Internet Directory gives you a #1 Ranking on Google and brings patients to your website. The Education Add-On convinces patients to choose you as their dentist.

Saves Time – It would take you years to research and write the material provided in the Education Add-Ons. Why take the time that you don't have to re-invent the wheel?

Testimonial from Dr. Tom – The Add-On includes an Endorsement by Dr. Tom. His Endorsement increases your credibility and is even more effective if you are Listed on his Mercury Safe Dentist Internet Directory.  

Tracking Patient Traffic - Another advantage the Education Add-On offers is the ability to Track Patient Traffic to the Articles included in the Add-On. Tracking is important because it allows you to see the high level of interest in the  Articles in the Add-On Table of Contents. This annual report is available upon request. Click Here to view the Tracking Chart.

New Content - When warranted, new and relevant content will be added to your Add-On - at no additional cost to you.

Building a New Website? - No problem, just let us know if you are building a new website - or changing the theme of your old one - and we'll update your Add-On to look exactly like your new website.

Increases Value of Your Practice - Because the Education Add-On ensures more patients choose you as their dentist, the value of your practice will increase.

Low Cost -  The First-Year fee for the Add-On is only $995 - including set up and customizing it to your website. Each succeeding year's fee is reduced to $500 annually.

Fantastic ROI - Your Add-On only needs to convince one or two people each year searching for a Mercury Safe Dentist, to choose you as their dentist to pay for the small annual cost of the Add-On. All patients after that who choose you because the Add-On convinced them you were the dentist they wanted to have remove their amalgam fillings is pure profit. A Fantastic ROI by any standards.

*****Customizing an Add-On – You also have the opportunity to Customize any the  Add-On. The Custom Add-On Option allows you to personalize the Education Add-On by adding your own content, editing existing content, adding links and images, and even rearranging the order of the Topics in the Table of Contents. Click Here to Review the Custom Options and their many advantages..

How to Preview the Mercury Safe Education Add-On 

You now know how valuable a Mercury Safe Education Add-On can be for your practice. Now it is time to see just what an actual Education Add-On looks like and how it functions, In this case a Visual Demonstration is definitely worth 1000's of words. (The Education Add-On Demonstrations shown below are on Mercury Safe Dentists websites.)

Each of the  Add-On Demonstrations is shown on an actual Mercury Safe Dentist's website. But when you Preview the Education Add-On, it is best to look at it as if you were looking at your own website. When you Click on an Add-On Demonstration there are two ways to take you/patient to the Add-On Homepage and the Table of Contents. The first is to Click on the Top Navigation Menu that says 'Mercury Safe Dentistry'. The second option is to Click on the  Image. Both take you to the Education Add-On Homepage. When you put an Add-On on your website these are the links that will take the interested patient to the Add-on Homepage. 

Once you are on the Add-On Homepage you can see the Table of Contents and the Introduction 'Dear Patient'. Remember, what you see on each of the Add-On Demonstrations is exactly how it looks on your own website! (This unique and proprietary process was created by our highly skilled tech staff.)

View the Education Add-On on 3 Different Mercury Safe Dentists Websites

Below are a 3 websites from dentists who signed up for a Mercury Safe Education Add-On. You can access their Homepages by Clicking on the Website Image. Once there Click on the menu ‘Mercury Safe Dentistry’ to access the Education Add-On Homepage. (You can also directly access each dentist’s Add-On Homepage by Clicking on the Link below the image.

Drs. Berkowitz and Braun
Dr. Sheri Salartash
Dr. Gregory Tarantola

Add-On Fee: The first year is $995 - this includes the customizing and personalizing the Educataion Add-On to your Website. Each additional year is $500. (If you are now listed on Dr. Tom's Mercury Safe Directory you'll receive a $100 discount on the 1st year Add-On fee.)

Purchasing the Add-On

Click Here to Order Your Mercury Safe Education Add-On 

To Order by Phone Call 800-335-7755

What You Need to Do

Not much, because all the work is done for you and you will be amazed at how little you have to do and how little time you need to spend. Click Here to Order Your Education Add-On!

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