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I've been involved in helping dentists promote the Mercury Safe Segment of their practice for over 25 years. During that time the one thing that has stood out is that most dentists don't take the time to provide this essential information. Too many assume that it is enough to just let people know that they are a Mercury Safe Practice and from those 3 words patients will automatically have all the information they need to choose them as their dentist. Most also erroneously assume that because a patient has committed to having their amalgams removed that they must not have a lot of questions they still want answered before choosing a dentist. If you are one of those making these assumptions it is costing you patients! My Mercury Safe Education Add-Ons will solve that problem for you.

The purpose of the Articles contained in the 3 Mercury Safe Education Add-Ons is to provide patients with an immediate source of information about your Philosophy, Approach, and Commitment to Mercury Safe Dentistry - all in one place on your own website. Patients looking for a Mercury Safe Dentist don’t want to take time searching through a website for the information they need before selecting a dentist to safely remove their amalgam fillings. Each Education Add-On Homepage has a Table of Contents that allows prospective patients to easily access a topic/article of interest. Competition for patients is more intense than ever and you'll definitely need to 'Stand-Out-From-The-Competition'. Adding an Education Add-On to your website will guarantee that you will clearly stand out!

The Mercury Safe Education Add-On is an invaluable aid for potential patients who want their questions answered before deciding whether or not they choose you as their dentist. An Education Add-On is also be valuable for you, and your staff, because you can direct existing patients to topics they have an interest in - again saving valuable time by educating them away from the dental office.

3 Mercury Safe Education Add-On Options to Choose From and How They Work

To ensure patients get the information they need about your Mercury Safe Practice, we offer 3 Mercury Safe Education Add-On Options to choose from, varying in the amount of information provided. All articles in each Education Add-On Option, all of which relate to your mercury safe/holistic practice, are contained in the Education Add-Ons Table of Contents. (All articles and videos were written and produced by Dr. Tom McGuire.)

The content of the Add-On Articles covers the core topics people searching for a Mercury Safe Dentist want to know. The intention of each article is to show a person looking for a Mercury Safe Dentist why he, or she, should choose you over the competition. The Education Add-On you choose will then be be quickly added to a specific Mercury Safe Dentistry page on your website. (This unique and proprietary set-up process will be done by our tech team and is explained in the How menu.)

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Summary of the Benefits of a Mercury Safe Education Add-On to Your Practice

Localized Source of Information - Provides patients with an immediate source of information about the most commonly asked questions patients want answered before selecting a Mercury Safe Dentist.

Your Mercury Safe Philosophy - Clearly explains your Philosophy, Approach, and Commitment to Mercury Safe Dentistry. That is the first thing patients want to know about and they don’t want to waste time searching for it.

Saves Valuable Time - Because Dr. McGuire and his excellent team have done all the work researching, writing the content and generating the Mercury Safe Education Add-Ons, all you have to do is choose which Add-On works best for you.

We Do the Technical Work – We do everything on the technical end and your web person only has to put a link on your website to the Add-On you purchase .

Education Add-On Looks Just Like Your Website - A unique feature of our Add-Ons is that every page will look, feel, and function exactly like your existing website.

*****Customizing an Add-On Option– You also have the opportunity to Customize any of the 3 Add-On Options. The Custom Add-On Option allows you to personalize the Education Add-On you purchase by adding your own content, editing existing content, adding links and images, and even rearranging the order of the Topics in the Table of Contents. Click Here to Review the Custom Options and their many advantages..

Dr. Tom McGuire’s Endorsement – Whatever Education Add-On Option you select, it will include an Endorsement by Dr. Tom. His Endorsement is even more effective if you are Listed on his Mercury Safe Dentist Internet Directory.

Tracking Patient Traffic - Another advantage the Add-Ons offer is the ability to Track Patient Traffic to the Add-On you choose. This annual report is available upon request and is included as part of the annual maintenance fee.

Fantastic ROI - To cover the cost of your Education Add-On only one or two prospective patients need to choose you as their dentist to pay for the One-Time cost of the Add-On. All patients after the first 2 are at no cost to you. A Fantastic ROI by any standard.

Preview The 3 Mercury Safe Education Add-On Options 

You've already learned how valuable a Mercury Safe Education Add-On will be for your practice. Now it is time to see just what an Education Add-On looks like and how it functions. In this case a Visual Demonstration is definitely worth a whole lot of words. (Remember, the 3 Education Add-On Demonstrations shown here are on Generic Dental Websites.)

The Mercury Safe Education Add-On you purchase will have the same look, feel, and function, as your own website. An additional advantage of the Education Add-On demonstration is the ability to maneuver through the articles on the Add-On Homepage's Table of Contents - just as a patient would do - and see exactly what they will see and read on your website. This also means that the same content that is shown on the Table of Contents of that particular Option, will be exactly what is placed on your own website. So when you Preview an Add-On Option, it is best to look at it as if you were looking at your own website.

Viewing the Add-On Homepage

When you Click on an Education Add-On Demonstration there are two ways for the potential patient to access the Add-On Homepage. The first is to Click on the Top Row Menu that says 'Mercury Safe Dentistry'. The second option is to Click on the  Image. Both will take you to the Education Add-On Homepage. When you put an Education Add-On on your website these are the links that take the interested patient to the Add-on. 

Once you are on the Add-On Homepage you will see the Table of Contents and the Introduction 'Dear Patient'. Remember, what you see on each of the Add-On Demonstrations is exactly how it looks on your own website. (This unique and proprietary process was created by our highly skilled tech staff.)

The 3 Education Add-On Options to Choose From Are:

Silver ($795) Gold ($895) Platinum ($995)
Silver Gold Platinum

What You Need to Do

Very little! We do all the work for you and you will be amazed at how little time you need to spend. Click Here to learn what you need to do!

Click Here to Order Your Mercury Safe Education Add-On

Discounts & Free Products with the Purchase of a Mercury Safe Education Add-On 

When you Purchase an Education Add-On you will receive a 50% Discount on Dr. Tom McGuire's Mercury Safe Dentist Internet Directory for the first year - Click Here for More Information about his Directory.

You also receive 3 Free Products, all designed to support your Mercury Safe Practice. They have a retail value of $450. Click Here for More Information about the Directory.

Note: The content of the Mercury Safe Education Add-Ons is specifically designed to educate patients away from the dental office, freeing you and your staff from the time it takes to answer questions patients have. Dr. Tom McGuire is the leading authority on Marketing & Promoting a Mercury Safe Dental Practice. He has written 3 Best-Selling books on mercury amalgam fillings, mercury detoxification and preventive dental care. He has extensively researched these topics and is the expert on educating patients in these areas. An association with him will increase your credibility with patients. (Click Here to learn more about Dr. Tom.)

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