How We Make it Happen

How we make this happens is another advantage that makes the Mercury Safe Education Add-Ons (MSEA) so desirable and so valuable to your practice. The great content and unique way of adding an Add-On to your website is quite amazing. (Keep in mind that each Education Add-On Option is designed to be extraordinarily easy to implement, which dramatically reduces your time involvement.) Our Technical team refers to them as Instant Add-Ons - and they are right!

Our exceptional tech staff makes this all possible. Because we have one of the leading authorities on databases and websites, you don't have to know any of the technical stuff for it to magically appear on your website. But for FYI, here is the way it works - in layperson terms. (We use Dr. Good's website as an example.)

  • The informative Articles listed in the Table of Contents, on each Mercury Safe Education Add-On Option Homepage, are actually located on our secure server. The domain name is
  • Once you purchase the Education Add-On Option our tech staff creates the look, feel, and function of your website and puts your chosen Add-On Option on your own unique page.
  • Then we add a specific URL, unique to your website, to the  Add-On Option you chose. Once that is done the Add-On Homepage is linked to your Website Homepage and shows the URL address as (johnsmithdds)

To a patient, the Education Add-On your purchase is, in effect, located on your website:

Your Mercury Safe Education Add-On Homepage has Links that let visitors access the Topic/Article they choose from the Table of Contents. It also has Links that take them back to your Homepage.

To summarize. Your only time involvement is the time it takes to purchase an Education Add-On Option and provide us with the relevant contact information we need to access your web person. The only thing your web person has to do is to add some Text and a Menu to the Homepage Menus on your website that says 'Mercury Safe Dentistry' and then add the URL link of your chosen Add-On, that we provide. This link is what connects the Menu & Text on your own website, to your Mercury Safe Education Add-On page .

Our server is secure and has an SSL Certificate. This is explained on the What You Need to Do page.

Bottom Line

The above description of How we get the Mercury Safe Dentist Education Add-Ons to your website should help you understand the process. But the Bottom Line is that you don't have to understand any of it for it to happen. In fact, the best way to learn how it will look on your own website is to Preview the Education Add-On Demonstrations below.

Preview the 3 Mercury Safe Education Add-On Demonstrations

You already know how valuable an Education Add-On is for your practice but following the visual demonstration I'll provide a basic description of the 3 Mercury Safe Education Add-Ons and how they work, including the option of Customizing an Add-On.

Each of the 3 Add-On Demonstrations is on a generic website. So when you Preview a Education Add-On Option, it is best to look at it as if you were looking at your own website. When you Click on an Education Add-On Demonstration there are 2 ways to take you/patient to the Add-On Homepage. The 1st is to Click on the Top Row Menu that says 'Mercury Safe Dentistry'. The 2nd option is to Click on the Image. Both take you to the Education Add-On Homepage. When you put an Education Add-On on your website these are the links that take the interested patient to the Add-on Homepage. 

Once you are on the Add-On Homepage you will see the Table of Contents and the Introduction 'Dear Patient'. Remember, what you see on each of the Add-On Demonstrations is exactly how it looks on your own website! (This unique and proprietary process was created by our highly skilled tech staff.)

The 3 Education Add-On Options to Choose From Are:

Silver ($795) Gold ($895) Platinum ($995)
Silver Gold Platinum

Benefits of Having a Mercury Safe Education Add-On on Your Website

  • Separate Server
    Because the Education Add-On pages are located on our Secure Server there is nothing for you to maintain on your website. (There is a small $75 Annual Maintenance Fee to maintain your Add-On on our server. This includes receiving, upon request, an annual report that Tracks Patient Traffic to your Add-On Page.)
  • Looks Like Your Website
    Our tech team will design your Add-On Pages so they look just like your website's pages. This means each page will have the same look, feel, and function of your own website.
  • Your Own Unique URL
    Your Add-On pages will have your own unique URL extension. for example, As you can see, even the URL of your Education Add On promotes the Mercury Safe Segment of your practice.
  • Minimal Involvement of Your Web Person
    Your web person only has to add some text to your website and add a Link from it, that we provide, to your Add-On Homepage. It will only take 15 minutes. We handle all Add-On website maintenance. 
  • Increases Search Engine Exposure
    Because the content of the Mercury Safe Education Add-Ons primarily relates to the Mercury Safe Segment of your practice it will also increase your Search Engine Exposure.
  • Tracking Patient Traffic
    Another advantage the Add-Ons offer is the ability to Track Patient Traffic to the Add-On you choose. This annual report is available upon request and is included as part of the annual maintenance fee.
  • Fantastic ROI
    Your Add-On only needs to convince 2 people, searching for a Mercury Safe Dentist, to choose you as their dentist to pay for the One-Time cost of the Add-On. All patients after the first 2 who choose you because the Add-Ons convinced them you were the dentist they wanted to have remove their amalgam fillings are at no cost to you. A Fantastic ROI by any standards.

    What You Need to Do

    All the work will be done for you and you will be amazed at how little you have to do and how little time you need to spend. Click Here to learn what you'll need to do!

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