Visual Demonstration of the 3 Mercury Safe Education Add-On Options

In this segment I provide a Visual Demonstration of how a Mercury Safe Education Add-On looks and functions on an actual dental website. This dentist shown here selected the Platinum Add-On. Click Here to access his website. Once there Click on 'Mercury Safe Dentistry' in the Top Row Menu or on the 'Hg logo' to review the Add-On. (I suggest you view it from the perspective of a patient who finds your website and wants to know more about the Mercury Safe Segment of your practice.)

This Visual Demonstration is worth a 1000 words as you have to see it to fully understand how valuable it is for your practice. For example, you can easily access the Table of Contents and see the articles contained in it - just the way a patient would when he, or she, is on your website. Thus, the potential patient can quickly learn about your Philosophy, Approach, and Commitment to Mercury Safe Dentistry, ensuring they will select you as their dentist.

The next step is to select which Education Add-On you want to add to your website. There are 3 Add-Ons to choose from and the Demonstrations below provide an exact description of each of them. 

Once you have viewed the demonstrations you only have to compare their content to what you have (or don’t have) on your website to see just how essential an Add-On is for promoting your mercury safe practice. You also have the option of Customizing your chosen Add-On, see below.

Preview the 3 Mercury Safe Education Add-On Options

Each of the 3 Add-On Demonstrations shown here are located on a generic website. So when you Preview a Education Add-On Option, it is best to look at it as if you were looking at your own website. When you Click on an Education Add-On Demonstration there are two ways for a potential patient to access to the Education Add-On Homepage and Table of Contents. The first is to Click on the Top Row Menu that says 'Mercury Safe Dentistry'. The second option is to Click on the Image. Both take you to the Education Add-On Homepage. This is how it will be set up on your websites Homepage.

Once you are on the Add-On Homepage the Table of Contents and the Introduction segment 'Dear Patient' are clearly visible. Remember, what you see on each of the Add-On Demonstrations is the number of Articles on the Table of Contents and exactly how it will look on your own website! 

To View an Add-On Demonstration just Click on the Image Below. 

Silver ($795) Gold ($895) Platinum ($995)
Silver Gold Platinum

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Number of Articles on each of the Mercury Safe Education Add-Ons 

If you previewed the Add-On Demonstration you already know how many articles there are in each of the 3 Mercury Safe Education Add-On Options. All of the articles are directly related to your Philosophy, Commitment, and Approach to Mercury Safe, Holistic, Dentistry. They are exactly what patients looking for a Mercury Safe Dentist want to know. It is not necessary to go into a detailed description of each Article here as you can select each one from the Table of Contents when you Preview the Demonstration of all 3 Education Add-On Options. (Each Add-On also includes a Testimonial for for you by Dr. McGuire.)

Silver Education Add-On - This Add-On has Articles listed on the Table of Contents

Gold Education Add-On - This Add-On has 11 Articles listed on the Table of Contents

Platinum Education Add-On - This Add-On has 15 Articles listed on the Table of Contents.

Summary of the Education Add-On Process

As was explained in detail on the What You Need To Do Page, the actual  process of ordering and adding a Mercury Safe Education Add-On to your Website is simple and will only take a few moments of your time. Here is the process. (If you haven't yet, then I suggest you review the - What - Why - Howpages so you'll know just how beneficial an Education Add-On is to your practice.)

  • Each Education Add-On Demo Homepage has an Introduction that clearly explains your Philosophy, Approach, and Commitment to Mercury Safe Dentistry and why you are providing this information to patients on your Website.
  • There is also a Table of Contents on the Demo Add-On Homepage that lists the Topics/Articles provided to the patient. When necessary, instructions are provided as to how use the Table of Contents to access the content, move through the articles, and how to use links to return to your Website Homepage.   
  • Purchase the Education Add-On that best fits your practice and provide the contact information (found on the Order Form) that our tech staff needs in order to duplicate the look and function of your own Website. With this information we are then able to provide your webmaster with the information to activate and link your Education Add-On page to your website's Homepage.
  • Please allow 3-5 working days for your selected Add-On to be added to your website. 

That's it! It will only take a few minutes of your time to fill out the Order Form and purchase your Add-On and about 15 minutes for your web person to handle the tech end of it. As a dentist myself I'm acutely aware that your time is the most important commodity so I've made this process as simple as possible. 

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Customizing Options for Your Education Add-On

You also have the opportunity to Customize any of the 3 Education Add-Ons you purchase by adding your own content, editing existing content, adding links and images, and even rearranging the order of the Topics in the Table of Contents. I'll list some of the options you can choose from below.

  • Choose the Articles You Want and The Order They Appear - For example, you may decide that there are some Education Add-On Articles that you don't want to include in the Table of Contents. The Custom option gives you the opportunity to choose the ones you want from the Articles listed and to also select the order you want them listed. This gives you multiple options.
  • Add Your Own Content to the Table of Contents - You may already have related articles on your website that you would like to add to the purchased Education Add-On's Table of Contents. You only need to provide us with the link to the article/s you want added to the Table of Contents, and where you want them placed, and we do the rest.
  • Add Links to Other Websites - You may also want to add links to other websites that contain related information that you'd like your patients to have access to. Adding this information allows you to consolidate all Articles and Links from other websites to the Add-On Page's Table of Contents.
  • Add Additional Content from Dr. Tom McGuire's Website - The articles in all 3 Education Add-On Options were provided by Dr. Tom McGuire and taken from his website. However there may be other articles that you'd like to add to your Add-On Option. To add other articles from his website just link to his FAQ section by Clicking Here. Review the articles there and choose the one/s you'd like to add. Provide us with the URL of each additional article and where you'd like them placed in the Table of Contents - and we do the rest. 
  • Personalize Existing Articles - There are 7 articles that Dr. McGuire has written that you can personalize to fit your philosophy. These 7 articles are: About Our Mercury Safe Practice; Why my Practice is Mercury Safe; The Difference Between a Mercury Safe and a Mercury Free Dentist; Holistic Dentistry; Whole Body Dentistry, SMART CERTIFIED, and Safe Guidelines for Removing Amalgam/Silver Fillings. You can also personalize the Add-On Homepage. Simply edit the article you want to personalize and email it to our Tech Support Staff.
  • Write Your Own Articles - You may want to write your own article/s that relate to your Philosophy, Approach, and Commitment to Mercury Safe Dentistry. Here is your opportunity to then have them added to the Table of Contents. Simply email the article/s you want to add to our Tech Support Staff.
  • Add Relevant Images to Existing Articles - You may have images related to articles on the Table of Contents that you'd like to add to an article. Send the formatted Image to our Tech Team along with information about what article you want to add them to. 

Note: If you want to take advantage of the Customizing Option you would simply decide which of the above options you want to include with the Add-On you purchased and Contact our Tech staff. Simply email them and let them know that you want to Customize your Add-On and they will respond and guide you through the process of personalizing your Add-On. Click Here to email them.  (The fee our efficient tech staff charges for this service is $100/hour and once they know what you want to do they can give you an estimate of the time involved.)

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