Michaela McKenzie, DDS, AIAOMT

I served on the Board of Directors of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) for several years and spent many hours on monthly Board calls, and at the meetings, helping to design and think through the protocols for Safe Mercury Amalgam Filling Removal. These are now the protocols we would want and expect our IAOMT – SMART Certified members to follow. As a fully committed Mercury Safe Dentist, I decided it was time to do more to promote that segment of my practice.
I realized my website didn’t have enough information about the health hazards of the toxic mercury released from these fillings for those potential patients looking for a Mercury Safe Dentist. I know that the website is pivotal in helping people to decide who to choose as their dentist. My staff and I were always being asked numerous questions relating to this topic and I simply did not have the time to research and write articles about it.

Dr. Tom McGuire is one of the leading authorities on Mercury Safe Dentistry. When Tom told me that the new Service he was offering would provide the support for this segment of my practice, I knew immediately that I would welcome his assistance. The timing was perfect and his Mercury Safe Education Add-On was exactly what I was looking for. 

I choose the Customized Add-On and it is extremely professional, thorough and comprehensive. The custom option the Tom offers is actually embedded into my website. He offers three different options to choose from, but I liked the customized version. It is well done and clearly explains my philosophy, approach, and commitment to Mercury Safe Dentistry. It allows me to Stand-Out from the competition.

It took me literally only 10 minutes to sign up for my Add-On and it offered more than I expected for a really affordable price. The technology is impressive, and they do everything for you. I invite you to go to my website https://dazzlingsmiles.org/ to see how we incorporated my Add-On. To view the Articles included with the Add-On over the Mercury Safe Dentistry menu on the left.

I should also mention that I’m Listed on Dr. Tom’s Mercury Safe Dentist Internet Directory. Being Listed on his Directory brings a lot of Patient Traffic to my website and now the Add-On convinces them to choose me as their dentist. It is truly a perfect combination.


Michael McKenzie, DDS, AIAOMT
Roswell, GA