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About Our Mercury Safe Practice
Why Our Practice is Mercury Safe
Difference Between a Mercury Free & Mercury Safe Dentist
Dr. Tom McGuire’s YouTube Video: The Poison in Your Teeth 
Safe Mercury Amalgam (silver) Filling Removal Protocols
SMART Certified
Database of Science Based Articles on Mercury
Holistic Dentistry
Whole Body Dentistry
FAQs About Mercury Safe/Holistic Dentistry
ADA’s Position on Mercury in the Office
Mercury Risk Evaluation
Chronic Mercury Poisoning
Symptoms Related to Chronic Mercury Poisoning
Health Improvements related to Amalgam Filling Removal
Introduction to Mercury Detoxification
Testimonial from Dr. Tom McGuire

Dear Patient,

In our ongoing efforts to educate you about Mercury Safe Dentistry we work closely with Dr. Tom McGuire, one of the leading authorities on Mercury Safe Dentistry, Holistic Dentistry, Mercury Amalgam Fillings, and Mercury Detoxification. Dr. Tom has kindly allowed us to use many of the articles he has written. Along with our own articles, they will explain our Approach, Philosophy, and Commitment to Mercury Safe, Holistic, Dentistry and we know they will answer any questions you have about these topics.

Our practice is Occupationally Mercury Safe and Mercury Free (mercury amalgam/silver filling free) and we are confident that once you read the education material we are providing you will want to choose us as your Mercury Safe Dentist.

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