Testimonial from Dr. Tom McGuire

I know Drs. Jeffrey and Maureen Viglielmo and have worked closely with them to establish a Patient Education Program at their Mercury Safe dental office. I consider Drs. Viglielmo to be a highly trained, dedicated, experienced and skilled Mercury Safe, Holistic dentists. They utilize their knowledge and training in these areas when designing dental treatment plans for their patients. I am impressed with the depth of their dental knowledge and understanding about the critically important relationship of oral to overall health and their sincere effort to educate their patients. As such I acknowledge them as the “Education Dentists”.

Their ongoing post-graduate training in holistic, cosmetic ,and traditional dentistry and their concern for the safe removal of amalgam fillings makes them ideally suited to remove and replace them. I highly recommend both Drs. Jeffrey and Maureen Viglielmo to anyone seeking caring, health focused, Occupationally Mercury Safe and Mercury Free (amalgam/silver filling free) dentists. They is a charter member of my International Association of Mercury Safe Dentists (IAMSD). Please say hi to Drs. Viglielmo when you see either of them.

Dr. Tom McGuire

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