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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) & Oral Health Topics

In our ongoing effort to educate our patients about the many areas of dentistry that not only affect their oral health, but their overall health as well, we have utilized many of the articles written by Dr. Tom McGuire. Dr. McGuire is one of the leading authorities on mercury safe, holistic dentistry and we are sure you'll find the information in our FAQ Section invaluable in your quest for optimal health. To utilize our user friendly FAQ Section simply select the topic of interest and Click on the Link to access the article. (To return to the FAQ Section just close the browser tab when you finished with the article.)

Autism & Mercury Amalgam Fillings
Biocompatibility of Dental Materials
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Mercury
Dental Health Questions & Answers
Find Alternative Health Professionals
Gum Disease & Overall Health
Health Care Costs of Gum Disease
Meniere's Disease & Mercury
Mercury Detoxification: Introduction
Oral and Overall Health: What you Need to Know
Oral Hygiene Program for Gum Disease
References - General
Relationship of Oral to Overall Health
Regulatory Guidelines for Mercury
Testing for Mercury Poisoning

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